2020 L’Ecole Horizontale Harper’s East Hampton

2010   Keyes Art Projects, NYC   SPRING REVERB

2009   Guild Hall, East Hampton, New York, UPON THIS ROCK, Juried by Faye Hirsch

1994  Havelda – Sundvik – Villano, New York, New York, NATIONAL SECURITY AGENCY WALLPAPER

1990  Jan Weiss Gallery, New York, New York

1975  Monroe County Library Gallery, Bloomington, Indiana


2008  Horowitz, BUMPOLOGY, with Matthew Cusick, East Hampton, New York

1988  Patrick King Contemporary Art, Indianapolis, Indiana

1977  55 Mercer Gallery, With Julius Tobias, New York, New York


2021 Matte Editions Brooklyn FEVER: curated by Allen Frame

2016 Julie Keyes Art Consulting, Mark Borghi Gallery, NYC, View From Within

Schwitzer Gallery, Indianapolis IN, Asphaltum

2012 Harpers East Hampton, OPEN FOR THE STONES Volume II

Southampton Cultural Center, Curated by Arlene Bujese

2011  Keyes Art Projects, NYC  OPEN FOR THE STONES  with Tara Israel, Bob Neuwirth, Pat Place & Chris Snow


2007  The Jeanie Tengelsen Gallery, Line And Surface, Long Island, New York

2000  Malca Fine Art, An Evolutionary Exhibition, New York City

1998  Lacoste School of the Arts, Faculty Exhibit, LaCoste, France

1993  Fotouhi Gallery, Art In Nature, East Hampton, New York

1992  B4A, JFK MYTH AND DENIAL, New York

1991  Fotouhi Gallery, JFK MYTH AND DENIAL, East Hampton, New York

1991  P.S.122 Portrait Show, New York, New York

1991  Rempire Gallery Winter Salon, curated by Bill Stelling

1986  Sotheby’s, Art Aid, New York, New York

1984  John Davis Gallery, Akron, Ohio

Avenue B Gallery, New York, New York

1983  Zim-Lerner Gallery, Ceramic Forms in Art, curated by Ronny Cohen, NYC

1981  White Columns Gallery, 3/7/3, curated by Josh Baer, New York, New York

1980  Galerie Ressle, 5 Choose 5, Stockholm, Sweden

1979  Washington Gallery, Indianapolis, Indiana


2009  Parrish Museum, Mixed Greens, with Mary Heilmann, Michelle Stewart, Donald Sultan, April Gornik, John Torreano

2007  Islip Art Museum, Surface Impressions Curated by Karen Shaw.

Judith Murray, Kwang-Young Chun, Robt Yasuda, et al *

2004  Karl Ernst Osthaus-Museum, In Face Of Silence, Hagan, Germany

1984   Fort Wayne Museum of Art, curated by Peter Frank, Fort Wayne, Indiana

1982  P.S.1, Critical Perspectives, curated by Marcia Tucker, New York, NY

1975  Indianapolis Museum of Art, curated by Robert M. Doty and Ivan Karp


2009  New York Times, “Artists Picking the Artists”, Benjamin Genocchio, May 29

2009  Sag Harbor Express, “Mixing it Up at The Parrish”, Marianna Levine

2008  East Hampton Star, Fasolino, July 31

2007  New York Newsday, Ariella Budick, April 20

2007  Indianapolis Star, S.L.Berry, April 6

2007  East Hampton Star, Elizabeth Fasolino, March 22

2000  Music In The Key Of Z, Irwin Chusid

1999  Long Island Voice, Vol. 3 No. 27, 7/8/99, M. Giacalone

1999  MoJo #72, 11/99, J. Cushley

1994  New York Press, S. Servetar, Vol. 7, Nos. 38 & 39

1993  New York Times, P. Braff, March 19

1992  Village Voice, K. Levin, February 26, Vol. 37, #9

1991  New York Newsday, K. Lipson, November 29

1991  The New York Times, P. Braff, November 24

1990  Private New York, Rizzoli

1988  Indianapolis Star, S. Mannheimer, June 19

1982  Artforum, D. Kuspit, April

1982  Village Voice, P. Schejdahl, March 9, Vol. 27, #10

1982  New York Magazine, K. Larson, February 15, Vol. 15, #7


2007  Guild Hall 69th Annual Group Show “High Honors”

Juror: Faye Hirsch,Sr. Editor, Art In America

2006  Joan Mitchell Foundation, Painting Award

1978  National Endowment for the Arts, Painting Fellowship

1975  Catherine Mattison Award, Indianapolis Museum of Art


Sidney Lewis, NYC; Hal Bromm, NYC; Marcia Tucker, NYC; Goldman & Sachs Co., NYC, Ronny Cohen, NYC; Bob Crewe, LA;

McDonalds Corp., Chicago, Dayton; Morgan Guaranty, NYC; Fort Wayne Museum of Art, Indiana; Reed, Smith, Shaw & McClay,

Philadelphia; A.R.A; Sam Shahid, East Hampton/NYC.


2016 Circle City Industrial Complex, Indianapolis. Asphaltum with Kathleen Asheton, Skip Jones, Danielle Riede, Greg Smith

2012 Open For The Stones, Vol. 2

2011  Keyes Art Projects, NYC  Open For The Stones  with Tara Israel, Bob Neuwirth, Pat Place & Chris Snow

1992  Fotouhi Gallery, East Hampton, New York

B4A, “Myth and Denial” – Leon Golub, Kiki Smith, Sue Williams, Larry Clark

Robert Moskowitz, Stephen Kroninger, Tom Otterness, et. al.

1992  B4A, New York City, JFK Myth & Denial II

1979  Washington Gallery, Indianapolis

Insley, Gimblett, et. al


1999  List of Who Lives, M.O.P. Productions

1995  Basquiat Sountrack

Julian Schnabel/Brian Kelly, “She Is Dancing”

1995  Every Silver Lining Has a Cloud

Julian Schnabel – Island Records

1995  Each Day Blues; Brian Kelly, V.G. Records

1990  Das Love Boat, MX 80, NBT Scotland


2008  NPR, with Luke Calsonetti, The Whitney Biennial

2007  WLIY, with Bonnie Grice, The Most High

2003  WFHB, with Jim Manion, Cottonmouth

1992  WBAI, with Molly Barnes, Myth and Denial

1979  Colette, Justine and the Boys, with Alan Jones, Jeff Koons, Robert Polidiri, Richard Prince


2000  Newark Museum; Tibetan Painting, Phuntsok Dorje

1996  M.F.A., Bard College

Indiana University

Ball State University

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